Hot Customer Alert – Vivienne Darcy

Been a while since I’ve done this!

Caught this babe in my store during SHOP FOR BETH sale. I thought she looked just SWEET, like cheekpinch sweet with a great hair to match the sweet face.


50 % off sale on 4 wonderful items – for a great cause. Please read on – this sale lasts only until TOMORROW – WEDNESDAY 3rd at 11 PM Second Life Time.

There are many requests for donations to different worthwhile organizations. Many of these organizations are in Second Life and hold regular concerts and events to gather donations.

Once in a while a more personal benefit is required.

Many of us have a friend in fellow Second Life musician, Beth Odets-Brown. I’ve known Beth for years now and I consider her a good friend. I’ve learned that she had recently undergone brain surgery to remove a tumor. While, from what I understand, the surgery was partially successful in removing the bulk of the tumor, there is still the need for a second surgery. It is risky and experimental but seems to be her only option at this point.

I don’t often go out asking for money for more personal reasons, but Beth is my friend and I do want her around for as long as possible. The goal is to help raise $1500.00 USD for the down payment for her surgery over the next 10 days. Otherwise it may be too late. She may be a stranger to you but if you can look back on your own life and remember the stranger that maybe once helped YOU, perhaps you will find your heart telling you to help another stranger.

$1500.00 is not a lot of money to raise when considering it could mean saving someone’s life and between all of us, it should be a simple task to raise it.

I have put 4 of my most expensive dresses in the store at 50 % off for this cause. If you like them, come get them! ALL the pennies will go to Beth!

This sale will last for 24 hours starting now!


3 thoughts on “Hot Customer Alert – Vivienne Darcy

  1. Hello! I visited your shop for the first time because I heard about the benefit for Beth. I’ve never met her in any form, avatar or otherwise, but I’m all for helping members of the Second Life community.

    While visiting, I really enjoyed the music you have playing in your shop. Is is a streaming online station? If so, might I ask the source? I’d like to find out who some of the artists are. Many sincere thanks!

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