Slogan Contest Annoucement

Are you crafty when it comes to slogans?
Here is your chance to show your brilliance and wittiness by helping Eshi Otawara with the Eshi Otawara female couture brand slogan for 2011!

Official RULES are as follows:

1) It’s completely FREE to participate!

2) Each participant is allowed to send up to 5 (five) slogans via NOTE CARD provided below. Read it carefully and when you are ready just fill out the note card and send it back to Eshi Otawara in-world.

(You can obtain the notecard at the shop entrance – inside the contest board – just CLICK it!  )

3) Slogan will not exceed 7 words!

4) Slogan will not be previously made public – keep them secret so that other participants do not plagiarize your work!

5) Slogan must best describe the essence of Eshi Otawara brand, and may not include any offensive or discriminatory language or any language/message unacceptable to general public.

6) Official entries MUST be submitted from the date of this release until the end of Sunday January 30th 2011, Second Life time. That means no entries will be accepted after midnight on Sunday Jan 30th 2011.

7) you MUST use the provided note card to enter and edit the note card title to hold your FULL avatar NAME.

8) you may NOT re-submit the slogans once you’ve submitted your entry, so think wisely!

9) Slogans you submit MUST be written in ENGLISH language with appropriate grammar, spelling and syntax. CHECK YOUR SPELLING THREE TIMES before you send your entries.


If you are not familiar with Eshi Otawara couture brand, do your research.  Come to the store and look at the vendors. You are NOT REQUIRED to purchase anything. Talk to people who have been Eshi Otawara customers. Ask them to show you their favorite dresses and outfits. Ask them questions about their experiences wearing the couture pieces – or simply get your own if you wish and have the experience. There is a huge image collection of Eshi Otawara Couture on FLICKR.COM, search it. Search the blogs by many Second Life Bloggers for old posts about releases – all of that can inspire you to think up the best slogan you can think up!


CHECK online if your slogan is original! You must not infringe on the trademark(s) of any other party!

CHECK OUT THE LOGO BELOW. Eshi Otawara brand colors are RED, BLACK, and WHITE. The Logo depicts a calligraphy brush bleeding red paint. Consider this when crafting your slogans! (for example, a slogan “Think Pink” might not be your best bid!)

Oh yes, best part. The winner of this contest will simply get every single released item they want in ONE CHOSEN COLOR that gets created for Eshi Otawara brand in the time frame of 6 months (given that the creator doesn’t spontaneously combust and perish into nothingness).
That can mean 15, 20, 30, 50 dresses/outfits/shoes/hairs…..until the end of July!
The prize does NOT include any pieces created prior to the winner announcement or past the end of July 2011. The Prize does not include limited releases and/or special items created for special events/auctions/hunts/other.  The winner will be OBLIGED to nag Eshi Otawara in IM and ask for their prize. The prize is NOT transferable to another person. If you are a male wanting to enter, team up with your girlfriend, wife, best friend and have them submit your ideas. Let your talent win something nice for them. 😀
Good Luck all,
may the wittiest and craftiest win!


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